How to Build a Lovable Bigot

All in the Family celebrates a cultural stock-character: the lovable bigot. Last Man Standing marks the death of the lovable bigot. Is this the result of historical or social change? Will the lovable bigot ever return to television? Should he be allowed to return?

by Erin MacKinnon


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Fess Up: You're Not a Nice Guy

The angry “nice guy” is an increasingly prevalent social and cultural presence as courtship turns virtual. So what’s the deal with these Jekyll and Hyde characters? Looking to the platform that discusses them the most – Reddit – one can begin to see the dynamics of entitlement and masculinity at play that fuel a very specific and rather strange kind of rage.

by Nadine Pineau Pothier


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Mathias Nilges
White Men's Fear of Women: Anti-Feminism and the Rise of the Alt-Right

A movement aimed at trolling feminism and progressive thought, the Alt-Right has created a culture of vitriolic defensiveness among young white men and seeks to establish a common belief in white male victimhood. To understand this illogic that constitutes one of the foundations of the Alt-Right, we must understand how the movement defines itself in part as a negative response to the accomplishments of feminism.

by Hanna Bergman


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