Student Projects

Critiques of the limits of today. Demands for a better tomorrow.


"We Want Our Future Back!"

The future, we read more and more frequently in recent years, has failed. Click here for an example of this argument. What, then, does it mean to be a university student in a moment that is by now widely associated with the idea that we have lost the ability to imagine positive, truly different futures? How do students today prepare for a future that is becoming increasingly less certain? How may we wrest hope from the grip of a present that proliferates images and ideas of negative, threatening, or even apocalyptic futures and that makes positive futures the privilege of the few? This sub-topic collects a growing list of demands for a hopeful future by students in first- and second-year courses.


Student Research Projects on "The New Culture Wars"

Each research cluster yields a continuously growing archive of student research. Each student research project contains a list of sources for and a critical examination of one facet of the larger research cluster. Future generations of students will be able to build on, add to, and further develop existing research. Together, we aim to work toward a more detailed, better understanding of the complex cultural and sociopolitical dimensions that make up The New Culture Wars. 


Exploring Afrofuturism and Black SF

Student essays that explore the work of Afrofuturist and Black SF writers. In years to come, we will add essays on film, art, design, and so on.