The conference will be bookended by two public events

Public Roundtable 1

Literaturhaus Villa Clementine


May 15

public roundtable 2 (now with 50% more German words)

Hessisches literaturforum im mousonturm


may 18

Getting to the public events:

Event 1—Wiesbaden (just across the river from Mainz). We hope to travel as a group from Mainz, but if you are setting out on your own, here are the directions: It is  easiest to take a train (the S-8) from platform 1 at Mainz Hauptbahnhof. You will need to buy a ticket before you board. Getting to Wiesbaden should be €2,80 for a single (one-way), €5,60 for a return ticket (“Tageskarte”). Ticket machines will have a button that says “Mainz/Wiesbaden,” so no destination code will be required (but just in case you do need it, it is 65). Group day passes will probably be the cheapest option: €10,50 for five people. You will be returning to Mainz (or so we hope), so do get a return ticket. Arriving at Wiesbaden, cross the road in front of the station, and walk to the bus stop across the road (there is also an underpass). Take a Nr. 1 or Nr. 8 bus to “Wilhelmstraße” (three stops). Follow the road down to Wilhelmstraße, and cross at the traffic light, then cross Bierstadter Strasse. The fourth house on your right is Villa Clementine.


         Literaturhaus Villa Clementine

         Frankfurter Str. 1

65189 Wiesbaden

Website: click here.

Event 2—Frankfurt. Again, we hope to travel as a group from Mainz, but here are the directions for the more independent-minded: Take the S-8 train (again) from Hauptbahnhof, platform 5, direction Hanau or Offenbach-Ost. Again, you will need to have purchased a ticket in advance. The destination code is “50.” One-way tickets are €8,60, returns (“Tageskarte”) are €16,75, and group tickets are €28,90 (for five people). Take this train to Frankfurt, going past Hauptbahnhof to Konstablerwache. At Konstablerwache, navigate the maze to find the subway U-4, direction Enkheim or Seckbacher Landstraße. Get off at the next stop: Merianplatz. As you exit the station, Kantstraße is on your right. Walk down Kantstraße, crossing first Musikantenweg and then Sandweg. After crossing Sandweg, Mousonturm is on your right, about 200m from the subway station. Alternatively, in case this is more aligned with your theoretical and philosophical proclivities, you may also choose to walk down to Hegelstraße, turn left, and then go as far as Sandweg, turning left again to walk up to Waldschmidtstraße, then right to find Mousonturm on your right.



Waldschmidtstraße 4

60316 Frankfurt am Main

Website: click here.