How to Contact Us With Ideas and Comments

As we continue to build this website, we will add and refine information, we will expand into new research clusters, and we will continue to post samples of student research and commentary.

Feedback will be a crucial part of the learning experience that students are able to obtain via this website, but commentary and notes will also help us to refine the information on this website. Therefore, if you have information that you think we should include, or if you have noticed errors or problems with our content, then please get into contact with us.

All commentary and criticism will be posted as blog posts, so, as long as you keep things civil and objective, you can simply leave us comments underneath each post.

If you wish to send us ideas or comments on the other content on this website, you can send us an email directly through this website.

In order to do so, you can click to the "Contact" page, which can be found in the dropdown menu under "About" in the top navigation on every page. The Contact page contains a comment form, which allows you to send an email directly to the site's administrators and moderators. We will try to respond to inquiries and comments as quickly as possible. However, this website is run by a single faculty member and a small number of students assistants (who also have lots of other work to do), so please bear with us in case it takes us a tad longer to get back to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mathias NilgesComment